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I have been actively engaged in the field of leadership for many years and, like many others, know leadership is a very unique process that is frequently linked to the skills needed to meet a variety of challenges in different situations. However in most of these instances someone somewhere in the world will have encountered and probably solved the issue that we are encountering. Therefore, it would be very useful to be able to tap into this knowledge resource and thus enable us to resolve the issue with confidence. Although this may sound a bit of wishful thinking, the suggested outcome is a reality that has been realised many times in the past by me and my colleagues. By sharing knowledge and experience of the issues that we have encountered, the solutions generated/implemented, and the resulting success or otherwise helps build a very useful knowledge base to tap into. This is very much the mission I have as I know that to be an enabling leader can be a very lonely role and knowing that you can connect with many other people with a similar outlook and mindset on leadership can offer many benefits.

Join the enabling leadership community

When you become a member of the community you are registering an interest in sharing your knowledge and experience with like minded colleagues around the world. Enabling is very much about giving on the basis that the “more you give, the more you receive”. By being willing to share our knowledge and experience with others we are potentially helping them to deal with issues in ways that they may not have thought about themselves. This is very much about building awareness of how other people have viewed and dealt with issues similar to the ones you are encountering. Although the issues will be different in some degree the opportunity to access other perspectives can be a valuable resource in helping you to resolve them more effectively.

Another benefit of the community is in the sharing of leadership experiences from those that were truly successful from the ones that were less so. As leadership is a unique process we can build our confidence by learning about how other enabling leaders have succeeded and how they achieved the constructive outcomes. We recognise that the sharing is not about seeking advice, which can be a double edged sword, it is more about finding genuine ways to build our self-awareness as well as learning to view issues from different perspectives. In fact the ability to be self-aware and thus able to manage our behaviour could be one of the key benefits gained from being a member of the community of enabling leaders.

To belong to the community only requires you to email me at and to receive a URL link to the blog. We will be a self-regulating community as I would expect those who become part of the community will be responsible individuals who operate with integrity.

Tom Jaap

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