Change of Direction

Returning to my passion

Over the past year I have been posting blogs on internet marketing as this had interested me for some time and I thought that I would give it a whirl. However, I now recognise that it has taken me away from my passion of writing about Enabling Leadership.

There are an increasing number of employees who are disenchanted with organisations that still operate the command/control type of management. Although there may be some types of organisation that need things to be done in an agreed specific manner and want employees to consistently deliver what is wanted, there are more that operate in a dynamic marketplace. This requires a greater degree of innovation and flexibility that is coupled with developing the skills necessary to keep ahead of the competition.

Enabling Leadership

I have noted that much has changed in the field of leadership since I first published my book entitled Enabling Leadership. There are more authors writing about styles of leadership that are about consensus, participation, empowerment and servant leadership. It has been very encouraging to see the move away from the authoritarian styles which were probably more suited to the time of the industrial revolution. However, with a better educated labour force able to approach their work in an intelligent and thoughtful manner there is less need for close supervision.

It has been interesting to observe that each new generation tends to be labeled in ways that instantly stereotype them often in quite dramatically positive and negative terms. The reality is that every generation produces a wide range of people with very different style. The one constant through the generations if the increasing access to appropriate education and the promotion of the notion that the more you acquire the better your career progress would be. Unfortunately, associated with acquisition of higher education credentials was the increase in competition in the workplace and secondly being lumbered with significant student loans. Faced with both these hurdles many graduates have become disillusioned and frustrated at the difficulty they encountered trying to find a position relative to their qualifications.

Is pursuing higher education worth the effort?

I have no doubt that society benefits from investing in education of its citizens, however, the issue is whether the current education industry is meeting the need in an effective manner. The answer from many graduates of different sources of education and training would suggest that the offering is too traditional and somewhat out of date compared with what working in the current world needs. Part of the problem is the reluctance of the educational establishment to embrace new initiative that move learning from mass to individual. For many of the suppliers of education and training is is much more cost effective to gather large numbers of students in a lecture theater that seek ways to deliver specific learning to each individual.

There is a case to be made for the delivery of information to both large and smaller groups where it is about establishing a foundation of knowledge or skill. However, there is still the tendency to fill a lot of the information with out-of-date padding that has little relevance to the present world of work. There is evidence to show that some of the better suppliers have developed ways to deliver learning using the best of internet technologies through the use of computers and tablets. Being able to learn at your own pace has been a boon to many students as it enabled then to fit the deliver to suit their individual learning preferences.

Learning preferences and self-managing

In my next blog I will explore the concept of learning preferences coupled with the importance of encouraging self-managing practices. If you found this blog interesting or would like to comment send an email to


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