Welcome to my website.

I created this website to express my ideas on enabling leadership which supports the concept of self-managing as the most effective way to achieve truly effective results in organisations of all types. The challenge is to recognise that traditional hierarchies fail to make gain the latent talent from their people due to the outdated methods of ‘managing’ which tend to demotivate rather than motivate people to contribute to the level of their ability.

There is a constant cry for improved productivity from almost all nations yet there is almost a complete lack of awareness of the need to change to a different self-managing paradigm which I outline in detail in my http://www.bottomupleadership.com blog.

I’ve worked hard to cut through all the hype about leadership and motivation to reveal the facts that will help you to decide whether is right for you and your organisation.

I encourage you to explore  my website and get to know more about enabling leadership.  If you have any questions, please go to the contact page.

Thanks for visiting my website!

Tom Jaap

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